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Just like any other girl, I too had a huge crush on a guy. He was everything a girl would ever want. He is good-looking, decent, charming, and very down to earth. I always wanted to tell him how I feel about him. But he was my brother’s best friend and I didn’t want to complicate things. He was the head boy who always attracted everyone’s attention while I try to hide in the crowd and never be the topic of discussion. And one day, we spoke and the sparks flew. I thought fairy tales cannot be true. But isn’t it strange that my own life is the example of one? I fell in love with the most popular guy of school and he fell in love with me too. My brother’s best friend is my boyfriend, partner in crime, supporter and finally a very loving husband. It has been 9 years that we met and it feels like it all happened yesterday. Funnily, our love story started with a Facebook post. I’ll think twice before calling social media a waste of space. If not for that post, we would have never found out that the love between us was mutual.


I was a disaster in the PT classes. I had considerably big boobs and it embarrasses me to go running with them. And the fact that the PT class was co-ed distracts me more. While I was trying to escape the warm-up routine, I heard the seniors at the door.

“Hello, Mr. Reed? Can we make an announcement?” Krystal, the prettiest girl in senior year asked.

Mr. Reed nodded without a word and continued to write into his notepad. That is when I saw him follow Krystal into the room. He was tall, lean, and muscular. His blue eyes searched the room randomly and he took a deep breath to start talking

“Good evening. I am Christian, your head boy. I would like to…” I did not hear a word of what he said. I was way busy appreciating his perfect features. It was not the first time I was seeing him. He comes home a lot for my brother. Also, his father and mine are business partners. Their family comes home during Thanksgiving or New Year parties. Sadly, I never try to talk to him because I know he can never like me back. There is no point of building hope and finally watch all your dreams collapse. I shook my head and blocked him while he continued to make the announcement.

Things changed after I came across a Facebook post.

If you like my post, I will make a confession in your Inbox. Put this as your status and I will like it back. Then you have to make a confession too!

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I thought it was interesting and copied her post to my wall. Many of my friends liked it and I made confessions. What I did not expect is Christian to like the post. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his name in the notifications. He graduated out of school and I don’t see him much anymore. We live in two different cities because of his college. So, what if I tell him I liked him? It’s not like he’d come and hit me if this goes wrong.I even made an attempt to snoop in to his Facebook messages to make sure that he does not have any other serious relations.Thanks for hack facebook account service.

“Hey” I sent him my first Facebook message.

“Hello, Serena. Where is my confession?  “He sent back.

After contemplating for a long time, I replied.

“Christian, I like you. I know you are the most popular guy of school. You play basketball and steal the show with your guitar. You dated some of the best looking girls in the city and you are a Greek God in the looks department. I know I am just an ordinary girl who struggles to submit her assignments on time. I have no social life and the only party I ever attended was my best friend’s birthday party when she was 10. I am undoubtedly fat and lazy. And look at you. You can never be mine. But I can’t get over you either. I guess that is my confession. Sorry.”

He did not reply. When I was about to log off, I got a message.

“I always thought you were cute ;) But your brother would have killed me if I proposed to his sister. So, I was scared to talk to you. Haha, you are not fat. And if you think you are fat, we can always run on the beach and steal some kisses in between. Will you go on a date with me when I come back?”“Yes,” My voice sounded vulnerable because of the tears.

Surprisingly, a Facebook post played cupid between us. When he returned for holidays, we went on our first date and it was magical. Our families found out we were in a relationship and they were happy about it. After we were done with college, we had a grand church wedding. We stay together in California now. After 9 years of togetherness, it still feels unbelievable. My own life story is an example of an unexpected fairy tale. No one expected the extraordinary Head Boy to fall head over heels for the ordinary Nerd. Sometimes, you just have to speak your heart out. Otherwise, you never know what you will be losing.