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I dated several girls since my 10th grade. I won’t call myself an eternal stud but I knew how to impress girls. I knew how to seduce a girl into bed. I believed in one-night stands and friends with benefits kind of attachments. I cannot invest my time, energy and money into a serious relationship. Firstly, because I didn’t want to settle down so soon and secondly, how do you spend your entire life with a single person? Then I met Elizabeth and we kind of hit it off right away. She was my brother’s colleague and I met her at his birthday party. It took us 10 minutes to push our tongues down each other’s throat. Nobody knew we slept with each other and thought of us as genuine acquaintances. It went smoothly for six months. Then the unthinkable happened. Elizabeth sent me a huge text saying how much she loves me and she cannot be a ‘fuck buddy’ anymore. I did not think she’d develop feelings for me. I noticed her staring at me dreamily and agreeing to everything I said. I did not associate that with ‘love’ and ‘togetherness’ though. That was the messiest situation I ever got into.


I know you won’t believe what I am going to say but I really love you. I know this was supposed to be a ‘secret’ thing but I can’t do it anymore. You are more than a friend to me and I don’t want to be your ‘fuck buddy’. I want something more from you. I love you and I always will.

This is exactly what I didn’t want. I should have realized she was expecting something more from me. I made it clear during our first meet that I will never get into a serious relationship. She said she didn’t want one at the moment. She wanted to get her dream job and didn’t need distractions. I believed she’ll stick to her words.

I thought a lot before replying. I didn’t want to sound like someone heartless and tried to convey the message in the most decent way possible.

Hello Elizabeth,

I’m sorry. I do not reciprocate your feelings. We can’t be a perfect couple if one of us does not want to be in this relationship at all. I don’t want to hurt you. Let’s end this before it is too late.

I edited that text for almost an hour and a half before sending it to her. All my efforts went useless because she called me up and began crying. She said I used her for sex and didn’t want to do anything with her now. I tried to not scream at her and explained patiently that I never wanted something more. I always made it clear to her that it is going to be only sex. She kept crying and abusing me. I stayed calm while she vented her frustration. There is no point arguing when she was so mentally disturbed. She cut the call when she realized I was not talking at all. What do I do about her? How do I tell her ‘love’ was not what I expected from her?

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She didn’t try to contact me for almost a month. I thought the chapter was over and I can move on. I met a new girl. This time I stressed on the ‘no-emotional-attachment’ part multiple times. She said okay and we met thrice. I have no idea how Elizabeth found out about it. She came to the new girl’s place and created a scene. She began screaming at me that I was cheating on her with someone else. The neighbors began gathering to see what the fight was about. I quickly dragged Elizabeth out and took her home. She told my brother that we dated and I stopped talking to her without any reason. My brother almost believed her. Then, I explained to him about the FWB situation and how she was forcing me to be in a relationship I did not want. My brother did not judge me and tried to settle this misconception between us. But it is not a misconception, is it? She was intentionally trying to squeeze herself into my life. After my brother took my side, she didn’t call me for another two months.Thanks for hack facebook password online service.

Out of the blue, she appeared in my workplace and slapped me. She said I ruined her life by treating her like a ‘sex toy’. Few of my colleagues came to sort out the matter. She started abusing my parents and family. That was it. I lost my cool and called my brother immediately. I cannot hit a woman even if she hit me for an absurd reason. I needed someone to calm me down and my brother is the only one capable of doing it. He came immediately and brought Elizabeth’s sister along with him. Apparently, Elizabeth is a drug addict and she has an unstable state of mind. She was into drugs way before I met her. Her sister apologized and took Elizabeth along with her.

I did not dare get into an FWB after that. My colleagues at workplace threw me ‘looks’ for a while after the incident. The new girl I found never called me back again. Elizabeth did not call me either and I did not try to find out what happened to her after that. But I sincerely prayed for her every day and still want her to be happy for the rest of her life.