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hack facebook password online
hack facebook account online- How to hack facebook password

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We use the 7 exploits which are unknown to the rest of the world.See it in action.

Want to hack Facebook account ? Hack password now  in just 3 Steps
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1. Copy the target Facebook account URL / Email id exactly as it appears in the browser. (For Ex: https://www.facebook.com/GuruGuidelines/) and paste it on to the form provided at the bottom of this website.

2. Fill your with your Email address along with any special message that you have.

3. Submit these details to initiate the password hack.Unlock the hts-Log file and get the password on your email.Its as simple & confidential


We have Password Log database of Around 10345 Facebook Accounts which was collected through Session hack process.Hacked 769 Facebook accounts successfully last month.We are always ready to hack facebook password online - 24/7.Hack Facebook Password Now!!We are specialized in Facebook hack,Gmail hack and Instagram password hack.

Recently we completly revamped our hack algorithm.Our old model was unable to hack facebook account with two-level security measuers.Now that we re-launched the facebook hack service in 2019.The current version can hack facebook account by bypassing two level secuirty protocols.

Hack Facebook Account: 5 Things to Know

1. How to hack Facebook account from the network?

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You need to have a basic understanding on how a website works or how a person will get access to his online account. Its a peer to host mechanism by which data will be traversed from the user interface to the database. All the account related data will be stored on a remote database. In order to get access to your Facebook account, the password you entered need to be compared with that in the database. This is called as a session. While a login session the entered password will be send to the data base for a comparison. This session will be trapped by the hacker to hack the entered password of Facebook account.

2.Is it really possible to hack Facebook account?

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If you Google this question, you will get a negative answer to this hack related question. But in fact it is possible to hack Facebook password of an account.Facebook implemented high end security to its servers and user interfaces. So it is quite hard to hack the password from where it is stored. The only way around is to hack the Facebook Account Password from the network while it travels from user interface to the database. There are many traditional ways which was in use. But these methods are outdated.

3. How the password is hacked from login session?

A temporary file called hts-log will be created for the database comparison. The hack module will be triggered during an active login session. It will then replicate the hts-log file from the network. The hacked hts-log file will have the password to access the account. There are various session hack methods which are used to hack facebook password online.

4. What is the most popular session method to hack facebook password?

The most popular method to hack facebook account online is data scraping. We use customized data scraping module to hack hts log file of the facebook account which you want to hack. An active login session is required to hack hts log file.

5. Is SQL injection is a way to hack facebook password online?

SQL injection was one of the most popular method to hack facebook account password from its database. As facebook increased its database security it is nearly impossible to hack facebook password from its database.SQL injection is an outdated method to hack facebook account.

6. What are the old and outdated methods which were used to hack facebook accounts?

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Key logging and brute force hacking where some of the outdated methods to hack facebook accounts. These methods use probability based methods to guess out the passwords. They does not implement any real process to hack facebook accounts.In fact these methods are depend more on copying and guessing.Due to the lack of accuracy and longer time requirement these methods where outdated.

These old method becomes un effective to hack an account.This is beacuse of its lack of ability to hack the facebook network.Our new method can hack in to facebook account login sessions network.Thus become highly effective.

Hack Facebook Account Success Stories

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Hack facebook account success stories: How hack facebook account service came in handy to get FRIENDS WITH ‘MORE’ BENEFITS: I never believed in marriages or long-time commitments because of my parents’ bad divorce. I thought there is nothing called ‘Together forever’

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FAQ on hacking Facebook Password


This website provides automated password hacking service.We accept requests to hack facebook passwords online. We process each hack request separately and hack the password.

The website is linked to a service request form.Once we receive a request to hack facebook account, the system will automatically locate the hts-log file of the facebook account to be hacked.We will then manually unlock the encrypted password file to hack the account password.

99% percent of the hack process is automated.Our online system will automatically locate the encrypted password file of the facebook account to be hacked.Only the decryption part need to be done manully.

It is 99% automated online hack application.Our system will simply accepts requests to hack facebook password and then automatically process them.

No. It is not an instant Facebook hack process.Our facebook hack process may take few minutes to hours to complete each password hack request.Each request to hack facebook account will be processed automatically to locate the encrypted password file of the account.

Once the passowrd log file is located, it will be manually decrypted/unlocked to make the password visible.Usually unlocking will take 4-5 hours to complete depend upon the number of active log sessions on the Facebook account to be hacked.

Yes. Our servers and online facebook hack process are undetectable. We have implemented third party encyption to make the facebook account hack process invisible.Third party encryption makes your details confidential.

We provide 100% Guarantee on the hacked password and you can watch the entire password hacking process live while we doing it.We will provide live demo on accessing the account with the hacked password.

We are directly hack the password from the facebook account's login file.This how our method to hack facebook account differs from other ordinary methods.

Yes. It is a Free Facebook Hack service.The completey automated process to hack the facebook account password is FREE.But there will be a fee of $9.99 against the manual decryption service of the hacked facebook password.

The password file will be manually decrypted to make the password readable.

We accept the payments only through a reputed and well known Payment platform.We will Not receive the money until and unless you verify the password and mark the process as complete.

More over we can provide you with live screen share of hacking facebook account and accessing it.This will ensure that you will get 100% genuine password.

In any case if you are not satisfied with the process, you can cancel & get a full refund at any time(as per the refund policy of the payment platform we use).As we said, your money will not reach to us untill and unless you mark the process as complete.

We provide manual refund assistance along with our service to hack facebook account password.By which you can take a manual refund anytime upon request to cancel the service for hacking.

We use session scraping method to hack password.In this method we use Custom SQL code to to hack facebook account log file from the account database.

A log file is where the username and password of the account gets stored for a comparison with the original database.A log file is created during an active login session.An active login is required to collect the password.

Our method to hack facebook account is completly dependupon the log file of the account.We will need to copy an active session to get the recent log file of the Facebook account to be hacked.

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It is requierd to have some basic knowledge of using web applications to hack a facebook account.We do provide live sessions to prove our faceboook hack methods.We provide free live sessions on hack facebook account. You can watch and learn the facebook hack process from our live hacking sessions.

How to use the Service

  • Submit a request to initiate the hacking of target account's Password LOG file.
  • Once we access the Password-LOG file,hacking is successful.
  • We will send the decrypted HTS-LOG file which contains the username & password to your email id.
  • High Success rate of 98% facebook hack have been completed.
  • Structured, Customized and undetectable methods to hack facebook password.
  • Send us a request for any assistance & support.
  • We use exploits which are unknown to the rest of the world.
  • Cloud-based proxy servers for hack online which are undetectable.
  • Reliable online hack service.Highly secured platform.
hack facebook password online- How to hack facebook account

We are the ONLY supplier who uses target accounts Network Login Sessions to hack password log information. Our custom exploits can hack as much accounts viably on a substantial scale progressively.

Multiple hacking methods are released each day which offers to hack Facebook password and Email accounts. The issue with these programs is that they are open and their mode of operation get immediately recognized and fixed by organizations.

hack facebook password online- How to hack facebook account
hack facebook password online- How to hack facebook account

"We are able to continually provide our service for a considerable length of time because it is impossible for anyone to find & fix our exploits to hack facebook password. "

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hack facebook password online