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We use the 7 exploits which are unknown to the rest of the world. See it in action.


What can you do using our Facebook Hacking Service?


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You can hack any Facebook account using our online Facebook hacking service. We re-launched our online service in 2020 by integrating the most advanced password hacking techniques. As compared to other websites offering similar services, our Facebook hacking portal does not require any kind of downloads or surveys. You just need to type in the target Facebook user id or email id and then submit it to us. We are the most popular online hacking service provider and complete hundreds of requests each day with a 97 percent success rate.

There is an increase in the number of people who want to hack a Facebook account for various reasons. These reasons are highly differentiated based on whether they want to do it just for fun or for some personal reasons. There are multiple groups of hackers around and they can get the hacking done for a large sum of money. For ordinary people, it is impossible to spend a huge amount of money to hack into a Facebook account.

This is why we introduced an affordable online service aiming ordinary people who want to hack social media accounts. We developed a custom Facebook hacking application, especially for hacking Facebook accounts. We are continually upgrading this application to avoid conflicts with the highly secured Facebook servers.


How we hack a Facebook Account?


We follow the network-based session log scraping method to hack a Facebook account online. We make use of custom developed python scrap engine to copy the Logfile of the target account from its network login sessions. It enabled our new fb hacking site to bypass advanced security measures implemented by Facebook.com.A log file is where the username & Password of the target fb account gets stored in the network for a comparison with the original password on the database. Once done, we will send the hacked password to your email id. Simply copy and paste the username & password to access the account online.

Hacking Facebook Login Sessions :

The most advanced method which is in use for Facebook Hacking is network-based session scraping. We use 7 network exploits to hack the log file of the Facebook account. This is the fastest method ever used to hack passwords.  The exploits make use of vulnerabilities on the network to directly copy the log file of the account.

Facebook Hacking in 3 Steps
No Signup/Survey required

1. Copy the target Facebook account URL / Email id exactly as it appears in the browser (For Ex: https://www.facebook.com/GuruGuidelines/). Paste it on to the form provided at the bottom of this website

2. Complete the form with your Email address along with any special message that you have.

3. Submit these details to initiate the online fb hacking. Unlock the hts-Log file and get the password on your email. It is as simple & confidential


How much time it will take to hack a Facebook password?


The Facebook password hacking process can take a few minutes or hours to complete based on the complexity and size of the target accounts database. Usually, we complete a Facebook Hack in 4-5 hours.


What is our success rate in hacking Facebook accounts?


We have a Password database of more than 2,37,989 Facebook Accounts which was hacked through using this Facebook hacking site. Last month we hacked around 1039 Facebook accounts successfully. Our online fb hacking service is available 24/7. Round the clock support from specialized fb account hackers is available on all 365 days.

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What are the traditional methods used in hacking a Facebook password?


There are mainly four common hacking methods that are in use. Other than these four methods, there are advanced techniques that make use of complex programming. Compared to the traditional methods, the latest methods are so fast and un-detectable. It requires a high amount of security and analysis to identify and stop these advanced hacking techniques.

The latest hacking methods require a high level of technical knowledge. They continue to research on Facebook’s server and UI vulnerabilities. These methods get updated along with Facebook’s security updates. The traditional hacking methods which are in use are as below.

1.Key Logging :

As the name indicates, this method involves copying the keywords log from various input devices. A very simple implementation will have a keylogging software installed on a computer or mobile device. Once activated the software will copy all the keyword strokes from the keyboard. The software will be hidden in the background so no one will come to know that the keywords strokes are getting copied. Later the hacker can check the logs to read the text inputs from the victim.


Phishing involves multiple implementations. A very common implementation will have a duplicate login page created. The duplicate page will be created in a way so as to exactly resemble the original page. Later the hacker will prompt the user to enter their passwords on to these duplicate pages (There are different methods which can be used to prompt the users to use the duplicate pages.). Once entered the details will directly go the database of duplicate pages. This is then available for the hacker to use.


The brute-force algorithm generally uses a guessing system to hack into accounts. The algorithm will create multiple variations of possible passwords in a fraction of time. This will then get checked on the login modules to match with the original one. Brute force can be referred to as a spamming technique.


This method involves creating small code scripts. These scripts are then added on the user interface pages or directly to the database of the accounts. The hacker will make use of various vulnerabilities on both UI and database end to inject the small SQL scripts. These SL scripts then start copying the account password and send it to the hacker’s database.

Do we provide any training to hack Facebook accounts online?


You can hack a Facebook password in a minute, without any technical knowledge. We also provide free live Facebook hacking sessions for you to watch and understand, how the Facebook hacking is done online. Our website is a one-stop solution for all your Facebook hacking needs. 


Why use our hack service?

  • The high success rate of 98% of Facebook passwords has been hacked.
  • Structured, Customized and undetectable methods to hack Facebook passwords.
  • Send us a request for any assistance & support.
  • We use exploits that are unknown to the rest of the world.
  • Cloud-based proxy servers for hack online which are undetectable.
  • Reliable online hack service.Highly secured platform.

Our commitment

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We are the ONLY supplier who uses target accounts Network Login Sessions to hack password log information. Our custom exploits can hack as many accounts viably on a substantial scale progressively.

Multiple hacking methods are released each day which offers to hack Facebook password and Email accounts. The issue with these programs is that they are open and their mode of operation gets immediately recognized and fixed by organizations.

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"We are able to continually provide our service for a considerable length of time because it is impossible for anyone to find & fix our exploits to hack a Facebook password. "

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