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Network Based Database Scraping to easily Hack any Password 

Nowadays number of people who would like to hack someone's Facebook/Gmail or other social media accounts are on a raising spree. They want to get in to their friends or partners social media accounts in for various purposes.

There are lot of websites available online, which claims that they can hack in to Facebook or email accounts. Most of them are in fact  are marketing campaigns and they actually want you to get a survey done or to download some  of their software. But they cannot get the hacking done for you.

There is NO automated software which can hack any social media or email account

Here through this website, we offer you a network based hacking service to help you get access to an account of your interest. We do use a custom developed hacking tool to process the requests manually. You do not need to download any software on you  end.

All you need is to send us a request with valid profile URL or email id. The rest of the things will get handled from our side. We will validate the URL you enter below, so please make sure to copy the URL as it appears in the account. 

Hack Facebook in TWO simple Steps shown below

Here're some easy steps to get started with the request,

First: You need to find the exact Facebook/Gmail profile that you would like us to track. There're two ways - search by ID (profile's number) or search by username. After you identify what account you would like us to hack, you can complete the below form.
Second: We can send you the scraped data or password log file once after we successfully complete the scraping of the data log from the given URL. 
Our service is NOT free & You have to make a payment of $14.99 per booking.

STEP 1: Enter Facebook Username/URL or Email id which you want to hack

STEP 2: Submit the details. 

Secure and Guaranteed process to hack Facebook

  • The service fee  can be funded with PayPal to have a secure service deal.
  • Your Payment is protected with PayPal Payment Protection. In any case, you may terminate & claim your money back at anytime on valid reasons.
  • Please go through for more details on PayPal payment protection CLICK HERE.

A brief about our Facebook hack method & its advantages

Database scraping based hacking to get Facebook password

We adopted a network based database scraping methodology to hack any web or cloud based online accounts. The key function of the process is to scrape a temporary log file which is being generated during a network session making known as Login session. The log file is where the username and password entered by a user is being stored for a comparison with the original access details on the account database. Once a login session request is approved, we immediately copy the temporary log file using our data scraper. The main advantaged of our network based process are,

hack Facebook password

  • Fast processing
  • Anonymous as their is no direct intrusion to user accounts.
  • Remote & can be done form anywhere.
  • Secure
  • Easy and no download required.

Send us a request to get started now!